Dear car owner!

Please note that the AUTHOR Alarm’s anti-theft devices are not intended for self-installation. We strongly recommend to install and configure the purchased equipment only in certified installation centers. Devices installed by non-certified installers are not subjected to warranty and service!

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the device not for its intended purpose and non-compliance with safety rules.

When you give your car to the maintenance specialist or for car washing be sure to activate Service mode.

Do not keep key fobs in the same place as your car key. Keep your key fobs out of the reach of children and animals. Do not give your key fobs to the people you don’t trust. Do not leave your key fobs in the car after the ride!

Do not leave the manual with secret codes inside the car!

General information

Immobilizer KVANT 231 is aimed to provide active protection of the car by means of blocking electrical chains critical for the engine work. Its special feature is the technology of blocking the engine with the built-in normally closed circuit relay. The security system can be deactivated using the key fob or smartphone with the application Author ID installed.

KVANT does not show its presence in the car till engine locking actuation. Moreover, due to its compact size the device can be installed almost anywhere in the car.

KVANT is a new smart way to protect your car!

Benefits of the system

  • Small size of the device allows its hidden installation in the passenger compartment or under hood space of the car
  • The device does not show itself till engine locking actuation
  • The security will be disarmed by signal from key fob or smartphone with the application installed
  • Engine blocking occurs in following events: car starts moving, ignition switched ON, automatic gearbox position is changed
  • The hood locks will be locked when the security system activated
  • Service mode

Operating manual