IGLA 100


Dear car owner!

Please note that the AUTHOR Alarm’s anti-theft devices are not intended for self-installation. We strongly recommend to install and configure the purchased equipment only in certified installation centers. Devices installed by non-certified installers are not subjected to warranty and service!

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the device not for its intended purpose and non-compliance with safety rules.

Do not leave the operating manual inside the car!

General information

IGLA 100 is unique device to protect your car from theft. The device has an innovative mechanism of engine locking that uses standard wiring of the car so there is no additional wiring that can be easily found. The security system can be deactivated by the signal of an external security device, such as GSM/GPS tracker or standard analog immobilizer from any manufacturer.

The system cannot be found by any known means. IGLA 100 does not show itself until the engine is started. Moreover, due to its small size the device can be installed almost anywhere in the car.

IGLA 100 is a new smart way to protect your car!

Benefits of the system

  • Digital locking of the engine without intervention into the car control units and circuits
  • The device does not show itself until the engine lock is activated
  • Engine unlocking by the analog signal from external security device of any manufacturer
  • Operating in SLAVE mode by digital authorization signal from another additionally installed IGLA 100

Security activation and deactivation

In order to start driving you should authorize (deactivate) your standard security system or send command to GSM/GPS tracker which is connected to IGLA 100 (depends on what device you choose for joint work with IGLA 100). If the authorization in external security system was successful the engine will not be locked and you can start driving. If the authorization was not successful IGLA 100 will lock the engine via CAN-bus if one attempts to start the engine or start driving.

There are 2 operating modes in IGLA 100:

  • MASTER mode. IGLA 100 unlocks the engine when analog authorization signal «-» is received from the external security system. *

  • SLAVE mode. IGLA 100 unlocks the engine when receiving digital authorization signal from another IGLA 100 operating in MASTER mode.

The security system is activated:

  • in MASTER mode - automatically in 3 seconds after the ignition is off and the authorization signal from external system is not present.
  • in SLAVE mode - automatically in 3 seconds after the ignition is off and the digital command from MASTER device is received. The security system is activated simultaneously with the command receipt from the MASTER device.

Engine locking and unlocking

IGLA 100 заблокирует двигатель по цифровой шине CAN при попытке запуска или начала движения, если не была пройдена авторизация во внешней системе. In some car models the system automatically switches to the engine start inhibit mode after the engine is shut off.

In order to unlock the engine you should switch on the ignition without starting the engine (without pressing the brake pedal) and pass the authorization in external security system.

Normally Opened engine locking mode

The preferred way of engine locking can be setup in Author Flasher software or by negative potential «-» on contact wire (see installation instructions) after device installation:

  • for some car models only the engine start inhibit is available
  • for some car models it is only possible to stall the running engine
  • for others both methods are available

Additional analog locking circuit is activated at the attempt of driving without authorization when the digital locking has failed. In other cases the activation of the additional locking is impossible.

Normally Closed engine locking mode

While operating in MASTER mode IGLA 100 can receive signals from external security system as commands to lock the engine.

If you switch the system to the Normally Closed engine locking mode (N/C locking mode) (disabled by default) the IGLA 100 will lock the engine when the negative «-» signal appears on the yellow wire. Then the device will automatically switch to the start inhibit mode until the signal from the external security system disappears.

NC locking mode can be enabled in Author Flasher software or by negative potential «-» on contact wire after installation of IGLA 100 (see installation instructions).

Installation and connection

For detailed information about device connection and setting see installation instruction.

Reference information


Current consumption in a standby mode
(the ignition is off)
3 mA
Operating voltage6-15 V

Contents of the set

Anti-theft system IGLA 1001 pcs.
Operating manual1 pcs.