Dear car owner!

Please note that the AUTHOR Alarm’s anti-theft devices are not intended for self-installation. We strongly recommend to install and configure the purchased equipment only in certified installation centers. Devices installed by non-certified installers are not subjected to warranty and service!

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the device not for its intended purpose and non-compliance with safety rules.

General information

CONTOUR – is designed for control of additionally installed electromechanical hood lock. The module is supplied as an addition to the IGLA anti-theft system and considerably expands security functions of the system. Devices are connected via standard CAN bus by encrypted dialogue mode. This excludes unauthorized access to hood lock control.

The hood lock is closed in the following cases:

  • Car security is activated (the central lock is closed)
  • In 10 seconds after the ignition is off
  • Anti Hi-Jack mode is activated (right after the car starts moving)

The hood lock does not close if the hood is opened or IGLA has service mode activated.

The hood lock unlocks after the authorization in the IGLA system.

Apart from the hood lock control there is an option for the control of the additional engine locking relay connected via normally closed scheme.

Engine locking algorithm

CONTOUR locking activates at attempt of driving without authorization (or in Anti-Hi-Jack mode) when the CAN bus lacks data required for CONTOUR operation or the IGLA system digital locking has failed. In other cases the activation of the additional circuit is impossible.

Locking is disabled by entering the PIN-code of IGLA system or by switching the ignition off (status on yellow wire).

If a siren is connected to the device (not included in the kit), then an audible signal sounds in the following cases:

  1. 15 seconds after the first locking activation.
  2. If locking takes place the second time.
  3. Anti-Hi-Jack mode is active.
  4. When the hood is opened while the lock is closed.
  5. In case of CAN bus short circuit.
  6. When new keys are attempted to be registered.
  7. When the CONTOUR analogue locking activates.

The Siren can be deactivated by entering the PIN-code. The Siren operating time is limited to 45 seconds with the turned off ignition.

Locking procedure

Locking is made via normally closed circuit. This is an emergency locking type (in case digital locking is supported), therefore it can be used for different purposes. In the event of emergency the engine will be blocked even if it leads to temporary errors (for instance, in the crankshaft or injector power supply sensor circuit).

Locking is activated after sending the negative potential to the blue wire while the ignition is on or the engine is running (can be tracked via analogue “ignition” input, yellow wire).

Device installation

To install CONTOUR module, connect its wires the following way:

1. Black. To power supply «-» (ground/earth).
2. Red. To power supply «+» (12 V).
3. Orange. Hood pin switch.
4. Grey. To power supply «+» while connecting with IGLA.
5. Yellow. Ignition (required for connection of locking relay).
6. White. CAN-L.
7. Brown. CAN-H.
8. Green with 0.2 mm2 section. Negative output to the siren (250mA max)
9. Blue. Negative output to the locking relay (250mA max).
10. Green with 0.75 mm2 section. To the hood lock activator (12A max). Power supply «+» to open the lock.
11. Purple. To the hood lock activator (12А max). Power supply «+» to close the lock.
A. Purple. Normally closed contact.
B. Green. Normally opened contact.
C. Black. Common wire.

Grey and red wires should be simultaneously connected to power supply «+» to connect with the IGLA anti-theft device when it is in the PIN-code change mode.

Additional locking

To ensure the highest level of theft protection, CONTOUR and IGLA provide additional locking circuit. It is used in case the connection with the engine control unit via CAN bus is disrupted or hindered. Locking allows to activate the Running engine shut-off mode and Anti Hi-Jack option for cars without digital locking of the running engine.

Connection between IGLA and CONTOUR

Follow these steps to connect the devices:

  1. Switch IGLA to the PIN-code change mode by one of the following ways:
    1. connect the Grey wire from IGLA to Power supply «+» and switch on the ignition
    2. if the device is already connected, after the authorization is successful enter the current PIN-code once again while pressing the accelerator pedal as far as it can go

      If you need to connect 2 and more CONTOUR modules only PIN-code change mode can be used (enter the PIN-code once again with the accelerator pedal pressed). If the grey wire is used while connecting to CONTOUR module all previously connected to IGLA devices will stop functioning!

      For the connection of the second and subsequent devices all previously connected devices shall be disconnected from CAN-bus or power supply.

  2. Connect the hood lock control module as described above.
  3. Apply power supply «+» to Grey and Red wires at the same time. The hood lock will open, close, and open again within 5 seconds.

After that you can sitch off the ignition and disconnect the grey wire from power supply «+». Modules are connected.


Operating voltage6-15 V
Current consumption in the standby mode5 mA
Maximum current to the lock activator12 A
Maximum current to locking relay control250 mA

Contents of the set

CONTOUR module1 pcs.
Operating manual1 pcs.

Locking relay is supplied separately.