Dear car owner!

Please note that the AUTHOR Alarm’s anti-theft devices are not intended for self-installation. We strongly recommend to install and configure the purchased equipment only in certified installation centers. Devices installed by non-certified installers are not subjected to warranty and service!

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the device not for its intended purpose and non-compliance with safety rules.

When you give your car to the maintenance specialist or for car washing be sure to activate Service mode.

Do not leave the manual and plastic card with secret codes inside the car!

General information

COMPASS is innovative GSM/GPS tracker used to determine your car location via mobile application on your smartphone. The tracker can be both controlled via Author Connect mobile app for iOS and Android or via sending SMS-commands.

An external output of the tracker allows to do remote start of additional devices (such as navigator or car dash camera). An external input allows to inform the car owner about vehicle’s units and systems condition changing.

COMPASS GSM/GPS tracker can be completed with IGLA anti-theft system and AUTOSTART module to provide additional car security and remote engine start.

COMPASS GSM/GPS – next level of safety and comfort!

Benefits of the system

  • Smart and convenient control via smartphone app.
  • Real-time car modules condition monitoring
  • GPS/GSM positioning geolocation
  • Remote engine start for a time period you need * 

  • Central lock opening and closing ** 

  • Choose Tracker mode or Beacon mode
  • SIM-card account balance information displayed in your smartphone
  • Small size and easy installation
  • Powered by the vehicle’s +12V
  • Service mode option

Operating manual